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how is it trended

I've noticed that project management methodologies/frameworks varies from one country to another, for example in our region (Middle-East) classic water-fall (initiation then planning then execution...etc) is commonly used, whereas in other countries such as Australia the scrum or agile frameworks are more common and trending. So, based on what a project management approach is adopted in a country or a region or a continent? is it the industry, is it the IT culture, is it related to industry leaders... What is it
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Hi Abdulrahman,

You raise an excellent question. I have been intrigued by the same observation. In South Africa Prince2 is currently trending which is a bit strange since we have no government requirements driving it like in the UK. Agile is also a buzzword though few projects I can think of would benefit from the Agile process.

I can understand the trend being driven in certain countries with the adoption by government of a particular methodology: UK - Prince2, USA - PMBOK, USA DOD - bespoke, to show a few examples. In this format if you want to tender for any kind of work you must have this methodology in place to secure work.

The underlying drivers for adoption in other countries does not seem to be easily understood.

In the company where I am working today we have defined five different life cycle process and the same project manager can work using more than one at the same time (waterfall based and iterative based for example). The important thing is: project management is always the same. What differs is the life cycle process you use or the method (Scrum for example) you use taking into account that the method is always based into a life cycle process.

I agree with Sergio: your project management methodology will remain the same. What will change is your product life cycle.

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