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2017 August Book Club - Reaching Your Next Summit! by Manley Feinberg II

Welcome to the August Book Club!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about the webinar, comments on the book, and questions for the author (and everyone else, too).

Tolitha Lewis will be the host and discussion thread moderator for this book.

Stay tuned for more to come!!

Marjorie Anderson (Community Engagement Specialist)
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So I have a question, I would love to hear from Manley. I have just finished the chapter about Vertical Lesson #4 - Challenge Your Beliefs. On the last two pages you mentioned to stop chasing behaviors and start challenging beliefs. Has this worked for you in all projects where you need to dig deeper into someone's mind? I know with some of my projects this would have been a great question for certain discussions we were having, but then I wonder if the answer is always as valuable? This meaning, when asking the question, do some people not give you an answer you can act upon. If so, what then?

Thank you!

Hi Kimberly!
Thank you for your question! We will pose your question as the first question in next week's webinar. Can you join us?

Hi Everyone!

Only one week until our final live Q&A webinar with Manley! What questions might you have for Manley?

Please do let me know.

Hi Kimberly! Re: your question above, "...when asking the question, do some people not give you an answer you can act upon. If so, what then?"

That's when you have to leverage your question skill set to ask deeper questions to probe and inquire more. Something as simple as "what else" can evoke more response. Or asking a "curious question" like "tell me more about why you feel or see it that way" are examples.

Of course, this all depends on exactly what you are asking and how they respond. Do you have a specific example?


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