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really strange question
Our company provides software solutions. Today, I've received a questionnaire about one of our applications. When I was in the middle of answering, I faced the following questions:
"Does your application contains any spelling mistakes?"
What is meant by that ??
Do they mean basic errors?
Please, if anyone has a clue, let me know.

thank you all in advance
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I'm really not sure what is the intent of this question in the questionnaire , but I think, if possible, it's better to get clarity on it before answering. However, I also see such kind of things in my organization where our Quality team raises defects such as spelling mistake, grammar mistake, message not clear etc. I agree to them and correct it because from user prospective, I think, it's very important.

Not having such mistakes may not add great value but having such mistakes will definitely give a wrong impression. Probably, that's the reason why spell checkers are available every where.
I have seen few applications with spelling errors and grammatical mistakes and like Jaleel said not having these mistakes might not add a whole lot of value but if they are there, it definitely will cast a poor image of the product and on the name of company.
Abdulrahman -

I fail to see the purpose behind this particular question in the questionnaire.

If you answer "yes", then it will be held against you as a mark of low quality and if you answer "no", they might suspect you are not being entirely honest.

Perhaps the best response is "We are not aware of any spelling mistakes but cannot provide a 100% guarantee of this, however, we are confident that the functioning of our application will not be impeded by any such defects which we haven't identified yet."

Either way, I'd want to understand why they are asking this question...

I believe it simply means "Are there any spelling errors in messages, words, etc.?"
I agree with Kiron's answer. Usually, the part that can be tricky are error messages.

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