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Does anyone have a template or example of a Portfolio Management Plan?
Hello everyone,
I am working on a project where I need to draft a Portfolio Management Plan. I have a general framework from PMI, but the client likes to see live examples before making decisions. I've searched online with no luck. Can anyone provide a template of a live Portfolio Management Plan? Preferably from DoD if possible. Thank you!
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Maria -

Can you clarify whether you are looking for a Project Management Plan (A consolidation of all the subsidiary management plans across all knowledge areas + applicable baselines) template as a Portfolio Management Plan would usually not be an expected deliverable at a project level?

A portfolio level plan would be a roll-up of deliverables and milestones from its underlying projects. Since you mention 'live', can we assume there is a PPM system in place, such as Project Server or Project Online, Clarity, etc.? If not, and SharePoint is available, take a look at PM templates from BrightWork -
Did you do a search against this community for portfolio management? There are some good references that you might be able to leverage for your purpose.

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