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How have you made a difference in your community through project management?
As we celebrate #GivingTuesday, we'd love to hear about the work that you have done to make a difference in your community through project management. Share your stories below!
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This is where I will start volunteering at the beginning of the year.

I met with the CEO yesterday, and she will let me know what action I can help out the most. It will be a great challenge to implement my project management skills as the team puts the workforce development plan into action.

I'm excited about this opportunity and looking forward to the challenge.
I got an opportunity to volunteer in a local school for underprivileged. The project management skills enabled me to share some best practices with the management and staff there, towards more organized and strategic approach for teaching and connecting dots with children.
I got the opportunity to participate in many projects for non-for-profit organizations and the outcome was amazing - My contribution was by sharing my accrued expertise with those groups.

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