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How are you using e-learning in the management of human talent in projects?
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We do not use e-learning much. We still prefer in person training.

e-learning is becoming more prevalent, but it lacks effectiveness when there is no human interaction- concepts are easily not retained.

e-learning offers flexibility but has a number of disadvantages like isolation, lack of hands on experience, lack of interaction, lack of feedback etc.

e-learning in a great tool for us. Our organization has set a mandate to re-skill human resources with new technology, tool, techniques, process and languages which easily enabled by todays e-learning channels like MooCs (Massive open online courses) powered by various universities in niche technologies/functional domains.

Udacity, Coursera, Udemy and Edx are a few who are bringing advance courses of various elite universities at nominal price point. My organization has established strategic relationship with a few to outsource learning objective.

In last one year i have completed around 16 courses in various domains - Digital transformation, Emotional leadership, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Robotics and self driving vehicles etc.

It is helping project managers a lot !


Juan -

e-learning is one lever for staff development.

I like the 70/20/10 model of learning - 70% should be experiential, 20% should be relationship-driven (e.g. coaching or mentoring) and 10% should be formal training. The 10% can be achieved through self-study, in-person classes or other means.

The challenge is picking the right tool for the right need - e-learning works well when the topic can be decomposed into bite-sized chunks and can be absorbed without a lot of interaction with others. As such, it's great for technical learning. I'm not as keen on it for soft skill learning as you lose the interaction and group work component.


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