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Does anyone know what is passing for PMP test? Is it 60%? 61%

I am taking the text in 3 weeks so it's too late for me to update the day. That said, I am not sure I've studied hard enough. So I'm wondering what is passing for the test?

Thank you.
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PMI does not release that information.

I would suggest that for the next 3 weeks you work on practice exams. Take several full length simulation exams and then review the ones you got wrong. Focus on remembering the inputs, tools and outputs and memorize the formulas.

You still have time to study.

use my article to help you with evm formulas,. and good luck.

If you have covered all the material already, you may just need to take practice tests to get more comfortable with the format of the questions. Also rehearse your "brain dump" information, and plan to jot those notes down on your scratch paper first thing when you get into the exam room, before you start answering the questions.

There is no set or fixed passing grade for your exam. Every exam is different and as far as I know it is drawn randomly from a pool of questions and one factor that your passing grade depends on is the degree of difficulty of your exam.

Hi Anazila, I took and passed the exam in Dublin a few months ago. My experience is that if you go through the online mock exams (if you search you can find a lot useful and free full mock exam sites) and get ca. 70% within given time you should be fine. I've treated the whole preparation as a mini project and paced my way through. The brain dump that most people mentioned it was actually not allowed in the Dublin text centre. I guess the regulation varies from country to county. Could you tell me what is your study plan and which books you are using to help you? My experience is the using Rita's book with the PMBOK guide is sufficient enough to pass. The former one helps you understand the processes and the later one will help you embed the ITTOs. You do not have to memorise the ITTOs. Understand them and get ~80% correct, you should be fine. Let me know if you need more clarifications.

Analizea -
If you've read the PMBOK cover to cover at least once then i'll say don't over think it.To Dinah's point - "Take several full length simulation exams and then review the ones you got wrong" and you'll be fine.The Exam is 200 questions 25 is not graded that leaves 175 question, now i believe you need 61% to pass the exam. Your Proficiency of the the 5 process group is what actually determines if you pass or fail.

You still have time. Based on my experience PMBOK and Rita's book should be fine, also do as many mock exams as possible.
All the very best and good luck !!

Shoot for the moon - the max score you can get is 100%. Don't look at the bottom - reach for the top! You got this.

Now that I have that out of the way - I had used the following to learn the processes from scribd (30 days free). (PLAY ONLINE) Rita Process Game _ PMP Game Online _ Rita's Process Chart by Aamirafridi Was extraordinarily helpful. Also the study exams on PMP Prepcast were most helpful as well!

Go get em!

I also want to say that before every PMI exam I have taken, I always had that feeling right before that I had nor prepared enough.

Just keep working and you can do it!

Best of luck!

I passed test mid-Feb., Analiza. Early Jan. I asked PMI the same question. They told me that there is no longer a set % to pass. It changes for every exam.

The passing score apparently depends on the mix YOU get in your pool of 200 questions. Your passing grade -- defined under "needs improvement, below average, average and above average" -- will be determined by your correct responses over the 5 processes.

Here's another reality to give you some hope, Analiza. Collectively, after completing approx 10 mock exams, I scored between 57% - 67%. Not very encouraging, but I still took exam and I did much better than expected.

On the mock exams, 57% - 67%. But on the real exam, I earned "1 below, 2 average and 2 above average" - for a pass! Have no idea what % was required, but my total correct responses resulted in me sitting right on the borderline of average & above average, even though I had a scored a "below average" under the 'Initiating Process'. Poop! :)

So like others here have been advising you, #1 thing to do now is as many mock exams as you can. Me? I used about 10 mock exams, plus read Heads Up (I hear Rita is good as well), and reviewed lightly PMBoK.

Definitions at back of PMBok help. For instance, in exam, BETA is the term they use, where I normally use PERT, and so on. You can catch some ot this by reading thru PMBoK definitions.

Ok, Analiza. Hope this helps. Good Luck! Cheers,K.
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Mar 03, 2018 1:18 AM
Fenwicks Musonye
Read Rita's Guide. Do the exams there. I passed mine last month. I think you need 69 to 70 % to pass.
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