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What were the communication challenges on your last project?

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Coping with the continuous changes in communication requirements due to the high number of stakeholders and their changing interests and no throughout the project. It was a bit of a challenge.

The basic communication model failed for a few key stakeholders - they received what was believed to be properly encoded messages but neglected to acknowledge receipt resulting in frustration and waste due to unnecessary follow-ups!


Several groups were involved in my last project,and I can see the power, influence and interest getting in the way and sometimes completely blocking the communication channels.

Communication with offshore misunderstanding request which cause delay of a day to correct.

Kevin, it was very funny on one of the project was in a very remote area and the sponsor pay for wireless internet modem month to month two times he forgot to renew and pay in time so we waited two days to restore communications even the mobile phone was getting poor signal no nearby tower so the voice was really with noise and it was hard to distinguish some of the words said by couple of stakeholders with weird accent.

The last major one was in an overseas project in a non-English-speaking country.

We had a team of local subcontractors delivering the ground-level execution. The customer team was not comfortable in conducting requirements workshops in English - so a lot of the discussions lapsed into the local language.

We did put in place a stringent process of documenting, translating, and reviewing requirements before the backlog was initiated - and we tracked this backlog religiously during the build phase.

Halfway through the second iteration, we were over velocity and I called the subcontractor team together to discuss options (add stories to sprint, complete sprint early, etc.) and, to my surprise, they told me they did not have the time to finish even the targeted tasks for that sprint.

Apparently, one member from the customer organisation and the lead from the subcontractor organisation started a parallel email chain unbeknownst to anyone else on the project in which at least 40% more requirements were tacked on. These weren't discussed, weren't scoped in the backlog, did not exist officially anywhere other than the inboxes of these two people.

We ended up informing the customer project team of the situation and - after much finger-pointing between that customer requestor and the subcontractor - we agreed to formally review the additional requirements for inclusion in new sprints (and, ultimately, a change request for budgeted efforts and schedule).

The challenge was to simplify the communication channels and let them flow, since the organization has a too vertical and hierarchical structure

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