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project snagging procedure

Hello everyone,
In my current project we are approaching the testing and commissioning phase of the project, in fact we have already started some of the testing and commissioning activities, the client now is asking for project snagging procedure/plan for the end of the installation phase, and as well for the testing and commissioning phase, can anyone please help me with a snagging Plan or a snagging procedure examples/templates so i can adopt it to my project, I really appreciate your supports and ideas if anyone can suggest
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Ahmed -

I have never heard this term "snagging" before so can you clarify the types of activities or what the expected outcome of snagging is?


Ahmad, you reminded me of the Middle East and their projects snagging lists...
Well, the client has to provide you with the snagging list after inspection and scope validation, and you need to close it in according to your commission plan and the criticality of the item. You might need to develop a plan to close it, or sometimes a checklist could be enough.

I usually have a "warranty" phase built into the project for the post-installation period. As Kevin says the client should report all "snags" for you to add to a post-Implementation Issues List. If remediation of these issues falls within agreed scope they will be addressed, if not, retain the information, communicate it to stakeholders and sponsors.
You have the option depending on schedule/budget/etc. slack to fix minor out of scope items, or to assess larger ones.

Both of these last activities do not form part of your deliverables, but do offer benefits especially in terms of client relationships.


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