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Project: 5S Lean Implementation Plan
Currently planning a 5S implementation for two operations. My company does not have a PMO.. I'm basically it. Does anyone have a template or prior project plan that they could share? I'm developing one from scratch and would like something based on a history of success to base it off of. Thank you all!
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Hi Steve,
I had one somewhere on my old server and trying to find it, hoping it is still there.
try these two links as well
Steven, This is very good system I have adopted in my department but it requires all efforts everyone should be involved to maintain it, remember it will take long time to complete all set up but if you are looking to get certified as 5S system then that would cost more money and auditors etc but you can still apply the system without certification to get familiarize with the system.
You can start from your computer to sort out all folders and clean unwanted
it will be easier for you to search certain file
Well we have Six Sigma DMAIC Template - Microsoft project
I don't have a template, but have a few thoughts that might be helpful.

I worked at a company where they had attempted to implement 5s prior to my employment there. It took hold in some areas, but not in others. I don't know all the reasons, but here are some tips:

- Identify change agents/champions in each area of the organization
- PDCA/PDSA - treat it as a series of experiments, not a big bang
- Look into the 4 steps of Toyota Kata - they supplement PDSA
- Keep in mind that the purpose of 5S is not to focus on any one 'S'. The intent is Sustainability; the other S's help you get there, but aren't the only things you'll need. Also, Sustainability does not mean doing the same thing forever. It's about consistently achieving specific outcomes, which will require regular inspection and occasional adaptation.

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