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Is PM the sole responsible person to update or capture Risk Action Issue Decisions log?. OR stake holders can do this and.... PM is responsible for tracking and assessing the impact of those RAID items for project cost, time & scope and take corrective actions?.
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The input into the RAID log will come from many sources such as project documentation (charter, business case, intake form, meeting minutes, et cetera), sponsor, project team members, and other stakeholders. Another valuable source would be documentation (risks, issues, lessons learned, et cetera) from other projects that may be similar in nature.

The project team is generally responsible for capturing risks, but the PM is accountable.

Agree with Sante. In practice there are meetings where the team discusses or brainstorms the risks, issues etc. and PM captures that in the log. It is responsibility of PM to keep the log, getting inputs from the others and also get inputs to update the log.

The project manager has the sole responsibility for capturing Risks, Action, Issues, and Decisions within the RAID log. While project team resource are those who would ideally identify these items, it is the project manager's responsibility to track, ensure mitigation, assess, etc. Typically project resources are not familiar with how to accurately capture a risks, actions, etc while clearly identify the area in which they fall. I am interested in hearing other perspectives.

To qualify all the above excellent responses, the RAID log should have just one "updater". If it is open for all-and-sundry to update, the project would end up in a multitude of uncoordinated versions.

Communication strategies have to be defined and enforced that allow all project stakeholders to inform the "updater" of modifications or additions to the log.

The "updater" then, periodically, disseminates this information to the rest of the project organisation.

This "updater" is usually the PM or a project coordinator.

It really depends on who is directly consuming the information within that RAID log. If it is going to be directly accessed by external stakeholders, then I'd agree that the PM should be the one holding the pen but taking input from the team and other stakeholders to do so.

However, if it is a strictly team-level repository and the PM extracts and curates content from it to share with external stakeholders, then I'm a fan of having those who have the best awareness of the data do the updates themselves.


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