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PMXPO 2014

April 24th, 2014 | Online


KEYNOTE: Keynote Presentation: Unleash Your Inner Superhero
by Bill Rosemann, Creative Director at Legendary Comics Publisher Marvel
Inspirational and entertaining, Rosemann gives audiences a rare look inside the world of an iconic brand while dispensing insights into what we can learn from these larger-than-life characters to tap into our own super-human potential in career and life.



Session 1: Planning IT: Scenarios, Strategies and Second-guessing
by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

In this presentation, Mark explores avenues for effective strategy development in a highly uncertain world. While we might not be able to predict the future, there are still strategies that allow us to define it in broad but meaningful enough terms to make sense of it. Mark takes the time to explore just how that might be possible.


Session 2: Hacking the Gantt: Visual Tools for Tracking Agile Work in a Waterfall Organization
by Dave Prior

This session will explore some of the reasons why this part of the transition can be so problematic and also offer a few simple techniques you can use to satisfy the organization’s desire for traditional artifacts as they find their way toward a more Agile way of looking at how the work is going.


Session 3: 2014 Redefining the PMO: Top 10 Tips for Building a PMO that Matters
by Mark Perry, Dave Prior, Andy Jordan

Come join this year’s presentation team for the Redefining the PMO workshop series for a presentation that will highlight the top 10 tips for building a PMO that matters.


Session 4: Doing it Right with Project Portfolio Management
by Michelle Stronach

In this case study, Michelle shares how the police department of a major metropolitan city used PPM to focus scarce resources on the right projects at the right time.


Session 5: Choose Wisely: When is Agile the Right Approach?
by Kevin Aguanno, PMP, MAPM, IPMA-B, Cert.APM, CSM, CSP

In this presentation, you will learn how agile structurally differs from three other delivery strategies; the benefits of each approach; and how to choose when agile may be the right approach for a specific project.


"I would never die for my beliefs, cause I might be wrong."

- Bertrand Russell