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PMI 2015 Organizational Agility Conference: Setting the Stage for Innovation

September 15, 2015 | Online

The roles of project, program and portfolio managers are changing at an exponential rate. Changes in technology, new competitors, high demands—all require you to be more agile. Yet, you can’t pivot to change as quickly as you need to. So how do you convince your company to be more agile? PMI 2015 Organizational Agility Conference brings to your desk new and innovative ideas on today’s hottest agility topics such as Hyperagility and the emerging role of DevOps.

Organizational Agility 2015: Removing Obstacles from the Value Stream
by Jason DuMars
As a project manager, you have a unique opportunity to begin empowering agility even in the most dysfunctional of organizations. This presentation will help you identify techniques and strategies for driving enterprise agility from the project level up. It will also give context to the emerging role of DevOps, and how it can be leveraged to increase project success.


Organizational Agility 2015: Hyperagile Organizations Seen From the Inside
by Yves Cavarec and Christophe Baillon
Modern organizations are made to be bold, stable, efficient, and most of all, predictable. Modern organizations are not built for change. Hyperagile organizations are made for the turbulent world of today. In hyperagile organizations, decision making is faster, because it is decentralized. Production is not necessarily lean; instead, highly engaged employees use their judgment and ideas to do what is best for the customer.

Organizational Agility 2015: Adapt or Die - Creating Agility Across the Organization
by Joseph Flahiff
The number one barrier to having high performing innovative organizations is not the team; it is middle and upper management. Management needs a new paradigm that not only supports but amplifies agility and innovation throughout the organization. Without this you will never have organizational agility.



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