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PMI Information Systems & Technology Symposium 2015

September 30, 2015 | Online

Don't fall behind in today's constantly evolving tech landscape. Learn the most impactful and effective ways to integrate emerging technologies into your projects. Increase your success and address your ongoing challenges with the help of PMI's global project management community.

Information Systems 2015: PMP and Security - A Necessary Union?
by Lisa Woffinden & Marina Syprou
Who hasn’t heard of all the data breaches recently? Do you think Project Management played a role in them or was it just IT? This session discusses the key components of how to incorporate security into the PM Lifecycle. You will learn why security is important, basic security for project managers, and how to embed security best practices into the PM Lifecycle.



Information Systems 2015: The Project Manager's Role in DevOps & the SDLC
by Alan Zeichick
Software development is changing – the project manager’s role in software projects is changing too. DevOps, or developer operations, integrates developers with testers and with traditional IT staff, which completely changes the culture and priorities of the team. This session will talk about the changes to the SDLC (software development lifecycle) landscape, covering DevOps, agile methodologies and other emerging trends, and offer practical suggestions as to how project managers can thrive and add new value to today’s software projects — and maybe even be hailed as a hero.


Information Systems 2015: Technology Trends Impacting Your Projects
by Beth Spriggs
In this session we’ll identify technology trends that are impacting your projects around areas such as scope, time, communication, and user adoption. We’ll discuss how behaviors are influenced by technology and, most importantly, what to do about it so that we are leveraging technology trends to our advantage. And finally, we’ll share some practical tips to increase effectiveness and productivity.


Information Systems 2015: 3D Printing Applications for Project Management
by Doug Magid
3D printing has garnered a tremendous amount of attention in recent years, but does it have a place in project management? In this presentation, you will learn how 3D printing plays in the world of project management (and where it doesn’t), the unique value it can add, and the challenges it still faces.



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