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PMI Talent Management Conference 2015

December 4, 2015 | Online

Effective talent management benefits you, your team and your entire organization. It’s the key to project success. But how do you manage talent effectively? Where do great project managers come from? At this virtual event, you’ll learn what companies are looking for and the skills you and your team need to cultivate right now to keep your leading roles.

Talent Management 2015: Who's Got Talent?
by Lisa DiTullio
“Talent Management" has become one of the most important buzzwords in corporations everywhere. Lisa DiTullio focuses on simple techniques to enhance team performance while delivering the project.



Talent Management 2015: Talent Transitions - Handling Knowledge Transfer and Keeping Your Teams Motivated
by Stacy Goff
Changes of project team members is a common occurrence in many projects. When this happens, how do we transition knowledge, maintain motivation, and keep momentum? In this session, targeted at managers, human resources managers, program managers and project management office managers, we share a perspective of the foundations, influences, and challenges of talent transitions.


Talent Management 2015: Why Project Management Needs a Modern Day PM Consultant
by Lindsay Scott
In this session we explore the role of the Project Management Consultant and discover the benefits it can bring to organizations delivering programs and project. We will also explore how the role can feature as part of a project manager’s career and find out more from people who have made the career switch. This session combines insights with practical advice on how organizations can utilize this kind of resource and how project managers can make the career move into the role of a modern day project management consultant.


Talent Management 2015: Growing Your Skills and Your Brand as a Project Manager
by Michael Charles
While software and tools are important, they are not the primary determinant of project success. It takes leadership and the ability to inspire engagement from team members. For most project managers this is a challenge because the focus has always been on the technical aspect of the role. Technical and management skills – the traditional view of project management – do not guarantee success in this new era of constant change and collaboration.


Talent Management 2015: 5 Ways to Build the Best Project Managers on Earth!
by J. LeRoy Ward
Organizations find themselves struggling to execute on their strategy for a whole host of reasons, but one stands out above all others: the failure to devote sufficient time, energy and resources to fully developing the capabilities of their project staff. Think of it this way: better project managers mean better project outcomes. And, those outcomes are your strategy converted into action.


Talent Management 2015: Sustainable Project Talent Management
by Paul Ritchie
Project talent management traditionally focused on project management essentials training first. However, the required skills and competencies have shifted underneath the traditional PMO world. We have a substantial skills gap in all three areas of the PMI® Talent Triangle: Technical, Leadership, and Strategic & Business Management skills. This presentation outlines a vision of sustainable project talent management.


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