Project Management


The PMBOK integrated PM Process

Is your project...

Typically, a small project is departmental in focus. This may include small organizational improvements or enhancements to current way of doing things. Often this can include process improvement efforts, updates or minor enhancements to an existing information system or an incremental product development project. These projects are often only 2-3 months in duration, and will have a smaller number of project team members.

A medium project is often one conducted within an individual business unit. These projects typically involve implementing new capabilities to support key business function, and can include significant process improvement projects, systems enhancements or the development and implementation of new systems to support a single business function. These projects are often 6-9 months in duration, and may have 10-15 project team members. There may be some procurement associated with the project, whether for products, services or resources.


Large projects tend to be significant and strategic organizationally-driven projects. There are usually aligned with the attainment of key strategic objectives of the organization, and will often have far reaching impact within the organization. These projects are usually 12 months or more in duration, and involve larger size project teams – often with 30 or more team members. These projects may require more extensive use of external consultants and contracting expertise, and will typically have much more complex procurement requirements.

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