What is Influence?

Influence recognizes those members that are making project managers more successful.

It highlights valuable contributions to the ProjectManagement.com community and raises the visibility of voices the community respects.

Our community is what we make it. Our Influencers are making it pretty great.

Your Influence Score

An Influence score is a number between 1-100 that represents how much influence someone carries in the Projectmanagement.com community.

It is based on how active you are and how much activity you generate around you. Do you create content that is widely shared and commented on?

Do you post questions that are on everyone's mind and generate a lot of discussion?

Are you expanding and interacting with your network?

Levels of Influence

Influence Breakdown

More than just being active

Posting a thousand times and getting zero responses is not as influential as posting once and getting a thousand responses. It isn’t about how much someone talks, but about how many people listen and respond.
Be Patient

Building up your Influence score isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s measured over an extended period of time and takes many factors into account. The fastest way to speed up the process is to create engaging content.

How Influence is Measured

We measure your activity on Projectmanagement.com and apply this data to our custom Influence algorithm. After all of the hard work is done you’re left with a number that represents your influence and will be displayed on your profile. The higher your Influence gets the more difficult it becomes to increase.

"If you can't convince them, confuse them."

- Harry S. Truman



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