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What is Project Management Quality?

Quality Project Management: A History Lesson

by Mike Griffiths

How do we define quality as a project manager? Is it managing a project really well, or managing a successful project? How about managing a successful project really well? That sounds pretty good. However, it poses the next question: What is a successful project? Let’s look at some examples of project success, failure and ambiguity.

Quality Management for Embedded Software

by D. Mari Rengarajam

Quality process has to be built into a project and should not be seen as a waste of time or cost. The time invested in developing quality software is the best time to earn the reputation and goodwill of the customer, and the cost invested is the cost of reducing rework. In this article, we will see how and what needs to be considered for embedded software development to plan, execute, and control quality.

The Cost of Quality: Agile vs. Traditional PM

by Dr. David F. Rico, PMP, CSM

Code inspections are an implicit, often unspoken best practice among agile project management teams. This silence has caused some people to question the quality control of the agile PM paradigm. Surprisingly, agile teams have not forgotten to mind the Ps and Qs of quality engineering--and not only continue to perform code inspections, but perform them more often. This results in even greater quality than traditional project management teams.

Quality Control

by Michael Wood

Discussion on quality management has not evolved much since the mid-1990s. Within executive circles, the discussions are not about the importance of quality, but rather on what quality is, how it is achieved and how it can be measured. The issues surrounding quality seem focused on definition and approach rather than on need. What is quality? What does senior management expect from the quality process, and how do these expectations apply to IT? Read on...

Don't Tell Them it's About Quality!

by Joe Wynne

Quality management concepts may not be welcome in a resource and cost-constrained environment. What you need is a secret plan to motivate workers to deliver better quality despite their rejection of common quality communications and programs.

Building a Framework for Quality

by Michael Wood

Quality has to be one of the most elusive and vague concepts a person or organization can deal with. Perhaps this is because quality comes in many flavors and is so dependent upon its context. So how does IT develop a framework for quality if it is so indefinable?

Significance of Quality

by Larry Cooke 
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What is Quality? Can you define Quality? This webinar will provide an overview of the project management quality process, the critical role that it plays in obtaining goals for business improvement. Additionally best practices and tools & techniques will be discussed to achieve a better understanding of quality.



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