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Tips for Webinar Attendees

Webinar Access Troubleshooting Tips

What steps should I take to prepare for a webinar?

WebEx will ask you to install a browser extension or add-in when you join a webinar for the first time on a computer. This extension or add-in is specific to your browser and may appear different from this example, which is showing Google Chrome.

If you’ve never used WebEx before, go to to test WebEx on your computer, smart phone, or tablet well before the start time of your webinar.

What browser should I use to view a webinar?

Webinars are compatible with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 11. We recommend using Chrome.

What type of network should I use to view a webinar?

While you can attend webinars using a wireless network with a strong signal, a wired network connection is recommended if you have a low-bandwidth Internet connection or a weak wireless signal.

The webinar is opening or running slowly, what should I do?

Close any open applications on your computer except for the browser window in which you’re viewing the webinar.

Can I view a webinar on my smart phone or tablet?

Although we plan to offer mobile access to webinars in the near future, at this point you will need to attend the webinar from a laptop or desktop computer.

I registered to attend a webinar but missed the start time and cannot join. Can I view a recording?

We’re sorry you missed the webinar! A recording of each live webinar is available for viewing 3 business days after the end of the webinar from the On-Demand Webinars section of

How do I listen to a webinar?

All webinars use WebEx’s built-in audio tools for voice broadcasting. You will need to use your computer speakers to listen. Alternatively, teleconference dial-in numbers display, or you can use the Call Me feature to dial yourself into the webinar.  Because of the large size of the webinars, all attendees will be muted throughout the webinar.

Go to the Communicate tab and select Audio Connection to see all options.

How can I make sure my computer is compatible with the webinar?

Visit well before the start of your webinar to check system requirements.

Go to the Communicate tab and select Speaker/Microphone Audio Test to check your computer’s audio  settings at the start of the webinar.

I can’t hear the webinar presenter. What should I do?

Try these steps to correct audio problems during the webinar:

  1. Check the speaker output on your computer or headset to make sure it is not muted. Make sure any headset or microphone jacks or USB connectors are fully inserted into the correct ports on your computer.
  2. Go to the Communicate tab and select Speaker/Microphone Audio Test to test speaker volume and settings.

I hear static or interference in the audio, what should I do?

Move any mobile or audio devices away from the computer that you’re using to participate in the webinar.

Webinar Communication Tips

How can I communicate with the presenter or host during the webinar?

You can communicate with the presenter as well as the webinar host via the Chat panel on the right side of the screen. If the Chat panel does not open by default, click the speech balloon icon in the menu at the bottom center of the screen.

A preview of the Chat panel is provided below. You will see options to chat 1) the host; 2) the presenter; 3) both the host & presenter; and 4) all panelists (in the event that there is more than more presenter for a webinar).

Note that the webinar audio will be set-up so that attendees are unable to speak. The webinar host will monitor the Chat panel for any reports of technical difficulties and respond accordingly. 

Please direct any questions related to the content of the presentation to the presenter via the Q&A panel rather than the Chat panel.

Webinar PDU Reporting Tips

When Do I need to report my PDUs in CCRS?

PDUs earned for the completion of both live and recorded webinars will be reported automatically on behalf of PMI credential holders within 7 to 10 business days of the webinar. You don’t need to manually report your PDUs! To avoid making a duplicate PDU claim, PMI credential holders should wait 7 to 10 business days and check their PDU Transcripts in PMI’s CCR System (CCRS) to see the webinar PDUs. Both live and recorded webinars must be 100% completed to earn PDUs.


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