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Project Community Ambassadors Program

The Ambassadors Program provides community members with additional support resources who facilitate and encourage constructive conversations as well as assist members in navigating the community. The Program seeks to highlight voices in the community that are helpful, professional, passionate, and knowledgeable in order to allow community members to get the most out of the site and their interactions with each other.

Ambassadors are active members who are advocates of the community as well as leaders in the project management field. They are generously offering their time to PMI’s online community to ensure a better experience for all community members.  Take a minute to read the Ambassadors' Blog and please reach out to them to say hello or ask a question!

Current Ambassadors

Emily Luijbregts

Emily has been working in Project Management for over 10 years. In this time, she has worked in a variety of project management methodologies, including waterfall, scrum, and agile, and she has been a strategic Project Manager, Coordinator, Facilitator, and Scrum Master. With a specialization in Communications, she ensures the team can remain on target and focused regardless of location and culture. She has worked extensively with colleagues on almost every continent and loves learning about other cultures and how we all communicate with each other.

Emily greatly enjoys being a part of PMI’s online community, as her busy schedule makes it difficult to stay active in her local Chapter. Offering opportunities for connection and a sense of community, provides Project Managers with access to a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. Emily loves that global viewpoints are represented within the community, and there is a diversity of experience and opinions. As a Community Ambassador, Emily hopes to help other Project Managers to learn and develop by encouraging collaboration and discussion and making everyone feel comfortable participating – whether they are new to the community or experienced professionals. 

Drew Craig

Drew Craig is a Consultant for North Highland Worldwide Consulting. As an Expert Practitioner in the Program and Project Management Office, he supports transformation initiatives and Community of Excellence development engagements. Drew is a consummate professional and student of the profession with a passion for learning and bringing the best out of others.

Drew’s style has largely been centered around inclusivity and collaboration, understanding that project management moves at the speed of decisions and without getting people together to have conversations, progress will be limited or veer off into an unexpected direction. Drew has been successful in leading organizations to collectively, and effectively, make decisions and drive solutions forward to success. is a part of Drew’s daily routine, as he starts his day browsing the site with a cup of coffee. Possessing the mindset that there is always something new to learn, Drew enjoys interacting with fellow community members, sharing his thoughts, and gaining different insights. He loves that exposes professionals to unique ideas and perspectives across a variety of industries and experience levels. As a Community Ambassador, Drew seeks to encourage people to put themselves out there and become more engaged within the community. He is excited to continue learning about community members’ different ways of working and approaches to projects!

Project Ambassadors Program FAQs

What qualifications do I need in order to become a Community Ambassador? Community Ambassadors are PMI members who have been a part of the online community for at least one year. Ambassadors have a complete profile (including picture) and act in accordance with the Community User Guidelines; they are active members of the community who post discussion topics, address their peers’ questions, provide substantive feedback on content items, and seek to be helpful and engaging in their interactions with others. These items inform our selection criteria for the Ambassadors Program.

Do I have to be a PMI Member to be an Ambassador? Yes, we require that Ambassadors be PMI members so that they have access to all content (including premium content) on This allows Ambassadors to fully engage with community members across the various content areas.  

Do I have to hold a PMI certification, such as the PMP, to be an Ambassador? No, a PMI certification is not a requirement to be a Community Ambassador. 

Why was I not chosen for the Ambassadors Program? For the initial launch, the program is starting small with two Ambassadors. This will allow us to best develop and refine the Ambassadors Program while we gather feedback and evaluate what is working. There are many great candidates within the community who will be considered, as we expand the program over time. We look forward to your continued interest!

What is the time commitment for being an Ambassador? Ambassadors agree to a 6 month term. Ambassadors may serve up to two consecutive terms (one year) which is followed by a six month break. After this break, individuals may once again be considered for the Ambassadors Program.

How often will new Ambassadors join the program? Currently, we do anticipate that the Ambassadors Program will expand over time. This growth will be based upon the success of the program and as needs are determined going forward.

I know someone who would make a great Community Ambassador. What can I do? We certainly welcome suggestions for future Community Ambassadors. Please contact [email protected] or a Product Specialist with your recommendation. We will then consider the candidate in the context of our selection criteria for the Ambassadors Program.  


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