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PM Point of View #75 Milestones in History

By PMI Washington, DC Chapter, Mike Hannan, and Shaun M Simms
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The 9/11 boat lift in New York City and the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955-56 were both hugely successful projects, with important lessons for Project Managers. The leaders did fast but effective planning and set clear goals. They hit all the milestones, and adapted as they went along.  They communicated effectively and strategically. They were alert to risks, and responded swiftly and decisively. In this episode we hear from two project managers who have studied these historic events through a project lens.

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About the Speakers

Mike Hannan

Fortezza Consulting

Mike is a leading-edge thinker and renegade who believes that we all must do more to unleash our boundless potential and solve increasingly complex global problems—and that PMs are at the pointy tip of the spear. He envisions a community-centric, expert-guided “power-to-the-edge” solution to help PMs and other leaders pursue maximum impact. For consultants and other experts, this means that we are too often part of the problem, and need to do a much better job channeling our expertise in a way that delivers much greater impact.

Shaun M Simms

PMP, SAFe, PMO-CP, CSSGB, constantly seeks to find an individual's strength to empower them, and in the process improve organizations.  An award winning project manager with a portfolio over $1B, his favorite projects are those that bring equity to our society.  He is intrigued by the power of projects to change the world, and the unity it can bring teams. Shaun is currently on the Board of Directors for PMI Metro St. Louis, and the Advisory Board for Missouri State University's CX Certification.

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