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The PM Podcast Episode 463: Ten Steps to Passing Your PMP Exam


In this episode, we explore Cornelius Fichtner's recommended Ten Steps to Pass Your Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam.

When Cornelius Fichtner prepared for his PMP exam he was frustrated with the outdated, incorrect and often contradictory recommendations people give to help candidates prepare for and pass their PMP exam. And so, to help you avoid this frustration, he created this easy to follow, ten-step approach to preparing for and passing your PMP exam.

The steps are:

  1. Get Handbook
  2. Create Plan
  3. Sign up
  4. Apply
  5. Get Guide
  6. Get Training
  7. Get Simulator
  8. Study Hard
  9. Practice Exam
  10. Take Exam

There is even an 11th step, which he introduces at the end of the discussion, to help you with the certification renewal three years after you successfully obtained your certificate.

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