Project Management

Center Stage Podcast Club Explores: The Past, Present and Future of Working with Knowledge

This session is intended for engagement and knowledge exchange.  It is not a PDU-eligible activity.

The knowledge within an organization is critical to its success, including how it runs successful projects. Yet many organizations struggle to manage, store and transfer knowledge effectively. Ed Hoffman and Larry Prusak have been studying and practicing knowledge management since the field first emerged in the early 1990s. In this Podcast Club, they will share their perspectives on how knowledge management started, how it has evolved, and where it is heading as we move into the future. How will it affect – and by affected by – the future of work?

This is your forum for asking questions, reacting to our Center Stage podcasts and sharing your own experiences. Through this engagement, you will:

  • Discover how knowledge management originated, and how its early practices sought to balance the objectives of senior leadership with the expectations of the workforce.
  • Understand how knowledge management evolved over time, as practices that delivered value were preserved or enhanced while those that did not were discarded.
  • Discuss both the current and future states of working with knowledge, including how it is viewed by the general business community, and how macro forces like social, economic and technological changes might impact it.

Listen to Larry Prusak talking about project knowledge here:

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Please complete this survey to share your input on the topics of topic of knowledge at both the personal and organizational levels. Your input will be used anonymously to contribute to the Insights Report that will be generated after this session:

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