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Progressive Elaboration

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Progressive elaboration involves continuously improving and detailing a plan as more detailed and specific information and more accurate estimates become available. Progressive elaboration allows a project management team to define work and manage it to a greater level of detail as the project evolves.

Prototypes support the concept of progressive elaboration because they are used in iterative cycles of mock-up creation, user experimentation, feedback generation and prototype revision.

Rolling Wave Planning as a Type of Progressive Elaboration

Change Requests as a Result of Progressive Elaboration


PMI-ACP Exam Outline Reference



Current practice

In agile approaches, progressive elaboration is achieved by short iterations or development cycles with a step of refining the backlog at the beginning of (and sometimes during) an iteration. In iterative projects, rolling wave planning is a common technique of progressive elaboration.

See also

Rolling Wave Planning

Sources & Reference

PMBOK, part 2, ch. 3, p. 565

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Examples of progressive elaboration

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