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Safety management

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1 Objectives
2 Inputs
3 Outputs

A safety management system (SMS) is designed to manage safety in the workplace, managing business activities and applying principles, framework, processes to help prevent accidents, injuries and to minimize other risk(s).

Safety management must include everyone from management personnel to front line fieldworkers with key organizational support required.

We all are very conscious about our safety be it professional or personal. It is also required to carry out a project.

  • What are its Inputs ?
  • Why is safety required ?
  • What are its outputs ?


  • Safety for everyone
  • Confidence in every mind
  • Dedication in every heart
  • Improvement in every activity
  • Smile on every face


  • Safety Professional Standards
  • Mock Drills
  • Calculation & assumptions
  • Views of Team members & Experts

  • In one of my projects which was critical, safety was required in every aspect. At the initial stage, the team members were slow in processing. I studied their behavior, and found that they had safety concerns. I discussed it with management & made safety standards mandatory for everyone. Gradually I gained the confidence of the team & the project was completed. Thus we gained the brand value.


  • Committed team members
  • Brand Name
  • Enthusiasm towards activity
  • Low accidental rate thus saving resources of the organization
  • Accreditations from national & international Societies
  • Self Satisfaction

  • This was one of my experiences in my project that gained Value.

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