DSDM:a Brief History

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In the early 1990s, rapid application development (RAD) was spreading across the IT industry. The user interfaces for software applications were moving from the old green screens to the graphical user interfaces that are used today. New application development tools were coming on the market, such as PowerBuilder. These enabled developers to share their proposed solutions much more easily with their customers – prototyping became a reality and the frustrations of the classical, sequential (waterfall) development methods could be put to one side.

However, the RAD movement was very unstructured: there was no commonly agreed definition of a suitable process and many organisations came up with their own definition and approach. Many major corporations were very interested in the possibilities but they were also concerned that they did not lose the level of quality in the end deliverables that free-flow development could give rise to.

The DSDM Consortium was founded in 1994 by an association of vendors and experts in the field of software engineering and was created with the objective of "jointly developing and promoting an independent RAD framework" by combining their best practice experiences. The origins were an event organised by the Butler Group in London. People at that meeting all worked for blue-chip organisations such as British Airways, American Express, Oracle and Logica (other companies such as Data Sciences and Allied Domecq have since been absorbed by other organisations).

In July 2006, DSDM Public Version 4.2 was made available for individuals to view and use. However, anyone reselling DSDM must still be a member of the not-for-profit consortium.

In 2014, the DSDM handbook was made available online and public. Additionally, templates for DSDM can be downloaded.

In October 2016 the DSDM Consortium rebranded as the Agile Business Consortium. The Agile Business Consortium is a not-for-profit, vendor-independent organisation which owns and administers the DSDM framework.

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