Project Management

Secrets to Organizational Change Management Communication Strategy

Vyom Bhuta

Activities aimed at building commitment toward the system are critical in helping an organization successfully manage the change and transition to a new system. This becomes even more important during enterprise system implementation projects.


The strategy should focus on a communication protocol that provides necessary information to each impacted audience or stakeholder group to ensure maximum user acceptance, with minimum resistance and negative impact on performance.


Communications are designed to build stakeholders commitment to the project and to the new processes. The objectives of the Change Management Strategy should be to:

  • Build acceptance and ownership of the system across the organization and business units.
  • Build commitment to the system
  • Sell the benefits of the system
  • Manage user expectations and information needs
  • Provide information on available support and resources
  • Provide information about the system to impacted audiences and obtain their input
  • Reduce uncertainty and fear of new technology and processes
  • Develop a framework to coordinate all communication efforts
  • Ensure that consistent messages are delivered to stakeholders at all levels and that decisions, events and activities are communicated in a timely manner
  • Make communications an integral part of the project …

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