Project Management

Raising the Bar with Agile

Charlie Rudd

With an Agile approach to performance improvement, people are seen as the source of value, rather than the problem that needs fixing, and tools and processes are designed to free teams to perform the irreducible activities that only people working together can accomplish. Here are some best practices for aligning the needs of people, teams and organizations.

Project Yourself is an ongoing series that invites project professionals to share practical advice, personal insights and pet peeves based on their experiences in the field. Anonymity, if desired, is assured. To submit an article for consideration, contact the editor.
A while back, I was part of a large IT organization that had a poor business application delivery record. We had the usual problems of too many bugs, chronically late delivery and cost overruns. Everybody in and out of the IT organization felt something should be done. Our executives took action. They brought someone from outside the organization (let’s call her Sally) to fix us.
Sally decided that the root cause of our problem was that no one knew what they were doing.
Consequently, Sally decided the proper solution was to purchase a set of books (for a six-figure price) that documented industry best practices in the form of a methodology.
Here’s what happened: IT ignored the methodology and …

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