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Top Influencers

Karthik Ramamurthy Author, Say YES to Project Success| Founder KeyResultz Chennai, Tamilnadu, Tamilnadu, India
Christof Kier Head of Special Projects & Operations Team| Frequentis AG Klosterneuburg, Niederoesterreich, Austria
Sunny Faronbi Managing Partner| Rehoboth Consulting, Inc. Papillion, Ne, USA
Antonio Nieto HBR Author | Director PMO | PMI Fellow & Past Chairman | Professor | Thinkers50 | Strategy Implementation Institute Brussels, Belgium
Ralf Müller Professor of Project Management| BI Norwegian Business School Malmoe, Sweden
Linzhuo Wang Associate Professor of Project Management| BI Norwegian Business School China, Mainland
Sunila Lobo Liveryman| Worshipful Company of Marketors United Kingdom
Alicia Morgan Project and Program Management Consultant | Consultant Dalla, Tx, USA
Gary Monti Consultant| Center for Managing Change Dublin, Oh, USA
LORI WILSON RETIRED - Technical Project Manager| RETIRED - LifePoint Health Clarkston, Wa, USA

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PMI® Business Analysis Virtual Conference 2019

November 13, 2019 | Online

Join us for PMI Business Analysis Virtual Conference 2019! This virtual event will explore the latest trends in business analysis and provide you with the insights, resources, and tools to advance your career and enhance project success.

Advance Your Career

Beyond Q&A: Plan and Conduct Stakeholder Interviews Like a Pro

by Pamela Paterson
February 07, 2024 | 61:03 | Views: 889 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.50 / 5

Project managers know that effective stakeholder management is the cornerstone of project success. However, in our ever-evolving field, traditional approaches to stakeholder engagement may no longer suffice. Join us in this thought-provoking webinar where we'll delve into the intricacies of stakeholder interviews.

Open Government: A Precondition for an Adaptive Public Sector

by Tam. Abaku
January 25, 2024 | 61:41 | Views: 4,711 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.40 / 5

This webinar is about Open Government and the Adaptive Public sector, and it is hinged on Power Skills on the PMI Triangle. Public sector initiatives can originate from citizens, but if a government is not open there will be no recognition for civic space, and it might be impossible for citizens to have a voice in what the government does. Open government creates the necessary framework for civil society and the public to be able to make input in governance; enabling citizens to hold leaders accountable via open data, while preventing wrongdoings on both sides. This webinar will provide insights into the concept of open government and explain why it is a precondition for advancing an adaptive public sector. Lessons will be drawn from Estonia’s openness-by-design, and some testimonies shared during the recently held Open Government Partnership Summit.

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Save Time With Tools + Templates

Stakeholder Engagement Register

PREMIUM deliverable
by Theresah Nyantakyi

This Stakeholder Engagement Register helps to identify project stakeholders, along with their roles and influence; along with the communication mediums, tools and technology that will be needed to keep them engaged on a project.

Stakeholder Profile Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Andy Jordan

Every project stakeholder has different priorities, needs, biases and concerns—and project managers must understand these unique perspectives. This template is intended to allow a project manager to create and maintain a profile for each stakeholder that gives a snapshot of what they need—and how best to interact with them.

The Project Canvas

PREMIUM presentation
by Antonio Nieto

The Project Canvas framework, which covers the basic principles and fundamentals of projects that everyone should know, is practical and easy to implement. It is a proven tool that will assist you in leading projects more successfully and in making your dreams a reality.

Privacy Policy Checklist

PREMIUM checklist

Protecting your customers' personal data should be job one. If you don't have a privacy policy in place, you need to do that five minutes ago. This checklist will help ensure that your privacy policy will be successfully put together, rolled out to the troops and followed.

Learn From Others

'Help! A Stakeholder is Undermining Me!'

by Andy Jordan

For all project managers, it’s important that their stakeholders support their actions and decisions. When that doesn’t happen, problems arise.

Reflections on Building a Lasting Vendor/Client Relationship

by Carl Pritchard, Tom Tracz

Twenty years after their first encounter, a project management trainer (aka “the vendor”) and a consumer of that content (aka “the client”) take time to reflect on vendor/client alliances and their own relationship. (Spoiler alert: It’s all about the people!)

Stakeholder Management in Healthcare PM

by Dr. Deepa Bhide, PMP

Managing stakeholders is a science and art. This is especially true in the healthcare, where constant decisions literally present life-and-death situations. Read more about the uniqueness of stakeholders in this industry.

Strategies to Re-engage PMI Chapter Members at Events

by James Turchick

With the return of in-person events, it might be time for PMI chapter leaders to reassess how they’re engaging members. Here are some strategies across the community that chapters have used successfully.

Communication Challenges in a Pulp & Paper Project

by Luiz Felipe Coutinho

A temporary mill shutdown project in the pulp and paper industry proved to be a challenge for this practitioner. Read how he utilized communication tools to help optimize efficiencies.

Do You Really Know Your Customer?

by Andy Jordan

For external projects, there isn't a lot of direct connection with customers—and that is a lost opportunity. There is tremendous value in trying to make these customers "real." How can we achieve that level of understanding?

7 Ways to Build Stronger Customer Relations

by Stephanie Jaeger, PMP, BBA, PMO

It can be tough to keep customers’ attention—and ultimately keep them happy. True and meaningful relationships are built on shared experiences and interactions. You need to put in the work—and these pointers can help.


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