Project Management

Executive-Execution Disconnect


A recent global study on the state of business analysis shows organizations are missing key internal competencies that could enhance productivity and profitability. As a result, organizational objectives are often disconnected from those responsible for execution.

ESI International, a global provider of project management training, recently released the findings of a global study conducted to examine the state of business analysis (BA), a core discipline for translating project objectives into actionable project requirements and deliverables. The study was conducted among both public and private organizations worldwide in September.

“The disconnect between those who ultimately sponsor projects and those who execute them was frankly a bit shocking” said Mark Bashrum, vice president for corporate marketing and strategic intelligence at ESI. “We were surprised to see how seldom business analysts linked key project success criteria to broader organizational goals.”

When business analysts were asked what they thought were the organization’s key project success criteria only 22 percent listed “Organizational Profit Impact” in the top three most important and only 8 percent listed it as the most important criteria in determining project success. The top three responses, were “customer satisfaction”, “on-time …

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