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Why Are You Paying for PDUs?

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If you are a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), you most likely are well aware of the continuing education requirements to maintain your credential. The Project Management Institute (PMI) requires 60 professional development units (PDUs) per three-year cycle. There are a variety of ways to meet the continuing education requirements, and PMI has six categories for PDUs:

  • Category A: Courses offered by PMI's R.E.P.s or Chapters and Communities
  • Category B: Continuing Education
  • Category C: Self-Directed Learning
  • Category D: Creating New Project Management Knowledge
  • Category E: Volunteer Service
  • Category F: Work as a Practitioner

But are you aware of the creative, free and fun ways to maintain your credential?

1. So let’s start with the easiest and the most obvious. You are a PM, right? Did you know you can get credit for just showing up?! If you are currently employed as a project manager, then you qualify for PDUs under Category F: Work as a Practitioner. You can claim five PDUs per year (and 15 PDUs per cycle) for being a practitioner of project and/or program management services.

Note that this category (Category F) is part of the Giving Back to the Profession category, which includes Categories D, E and F. You can claim 45 out of the required 60 PDUs per three-year cycle by giving back to the …

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