Project Management

Effective Teaming

Robert Martinez

Some say leaders are born, not made. Perhaps, but teams are not born so therefore have to be made. Project managers are responsible for leading their project teams to successful outcomes; however, just as we don’t get to choose our parents, more often than not, we also don’t get to choose our team or team members. Given this reality, how do we make the most of our teaming opportunities? How can we improve our chances of success, given the hand we’ve been dealt?


This paper offers ideas and promotes reflection on the dynamics of effective teams and team building. We hope this paper will benefit both team leaders and team members.

Effective Teams: Characteristics

What IS an effective team and what does one look like?

Most people can intuitively recognize an effective team when they see one; an effective team is often marked by basic qualities or characteristics.

Strong Sense of Purpose

A project must begin with a clearly defined and approved mission need that your team understands. Failure to secure an approved mission statement may lead to poor use of limited resources and may put your project at risk of inconsistency with organizational goals. Until you can define the problem in need of a solution, you will not have a legitimate cause for committing resources. Can it be said that the only thing worse than a rebel without a…

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