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Closing the Agile Loop of Continuous Delivery: Q&A

PMI Mumbai Chapter

Priya Patra is a Program Manager in Mumbai, India.

Our Closing the Agile Loop of Continuous Delivery webinar by Priya Patra was so popular, we had to continue the question-and-answer session offline! Here, Pirya offers advice based on your questions…

1. Wouldn't it be prudent to assign an Ops resource to the Dev Team to conduct testing?
We should always have a specialized QA team for testing Ops resources. This can provide inputs while creating the test cases or scenarios and help us to resolve most issues at the source.

2. Would implementing an ITIL Change Management process solve the "Wall of Confusion" depicted in Slide No. 6?
To some extent, yes! The next step is to integrate DevOps with CMMi and ITIL. Please see below:

3. Please see Slide No. 9. How can I manage the adoptability by the business in the definition of “done”?
If referring to adapting to a changing business, then that is the aim of DevOps--we are working in an agile manner, sprint on sprint, adapting the changing business requirements and frequent deliveries to production.

4. Is it customary in agile to define a project as “done” when tests are completed? Isn't that like delivering a product to the shelves and not caring if it is ever used?
It is not the project, rather, it is the sprint that is “done”. Even in agile we release products to production, but after four to…

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