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Book Review: An Insider's Guide to Building a Successful Consulting Practice

An Insider's Guide to Building a Successful Consulting Practice is about navigating the world of business consulting. Dr. Bruce L. Katcher is an industrial/organizational psychologist who has presented his own personal experience in raising and maintaining his consulting business. He (along with Adam Snyder) combined the experience of 200 consultants, whose responses were provided through a web-based survey that resulted in giving a more realistic look with figures and percentages of the consulting business world on:

  • The type of consulting practice
  • How they got started
  • Consulting life versus corporate life
  • How they market their services
  • Advice for new consultant

What is interesting is how it is presented in a clear and organized perspective with the approach of introduction, challenge, solutions and conclusions. This also addresses the varying challenges of consulting, such as choosing a business model, establishing credibility, staying focused and motivated, marketing and setting the appropriate fees and providing value. All of this information is distributed in 26 self-contained chapters and addresses specific areas of interest or problems in five parts:

  • Part one of the book is basically about giving a closer look on how you start by differentiating between employment types (employee, contractor and consultant) using job factors such as control of…

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