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The Importance of Executive Management Support

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Syed is an experienced project manager with more than 14 years of ICT experience, successfully delivering high-value key projects across all domains of ICT services.

The promise of project success and the fear of failure will keep project managers and their teams on their toes. No matter which approach is used and where project efforts are channeled, the end result holds all of the suspense--and keeps us focused on it.

The Standish Group’s Chaos Report for 2014 presents astonishing facts on project performance, both for successful and impaired projects. One of the critical success factors in the report across all types is executive management support. This is reiterated by other surveys and studies. According to the KPMG New Zealand Project Management Survey 2010, one of the most common reasons why projects fall short is a lack of executive support and management buy-in. In addition, PMI’s 2010 Government Program Management Study found that 81 percent of program managers at U.S. government agencies said that strong support from at least one executive-level sponsor had a high impact on project success.

Here I will present thoughts on why projects need executive management support--and some tips on how a project manager can ensure it.

Why Projects Need Executive Management Support

  1. Clarify strategic objectives: Organizational/strategic objectives can be to increase market share, maximize profits, set new trends, leverage technology for business success or create an innovative product. In a nutshell, executive …

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