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10 Reasons You Need PPM

Tushar is an experienced product management and marketing professional and the VP of Marketing for Innotas.

Is your organization becoming complacent with spreadsheets and outdated project management tools? A PPM approach can help you realize the true potential of your projects, your teams and yourself, from ensuring alignment with the business and increasing accountability, to improving forecasting, reporting and collaboration.

Many project managers think they are doing just fine with spreadsheets or basic project management software, and they fear that more advanced tools such as project portfolio management (PPM) software will just create more work for them. The truth is that PPM tools have merit for more than executive management. While it may seem daunting at first, understanding the benefits of a PPM approach and applying it to your projects can dramatically accelerate your career development in the long run.

Here are ten reasons why project managers need PPM:

1. Prevent overworked resources

We have all experienced a failed project. In fact, most project managers have had a project fail in the past year. People are simply being asked to do more, and they are taking on more work than they can handle because they want to be viewed as collaborative team members. These behaviors are causing resources to be over-allocated and overworked. The effects of overworked resources ripple through the organization.

Project portfolio management solutions help organizations maintain…

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