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Last-Minute Project Rescue: Time Management Tips for Project Teams

Andreas is co-founder and CMO of InLoox Inc. in Munich, Germany.

Out of the three project management constraints, time is probably the hardest to control as it’s less tangible and harder to estimate compared to the other two constraints, cost and scope. Upper management and other key stakeholders expect project managers and their team to deliver the project on time, or preferably even before deadline.

Time is money, after all, and any additional project day means additional costs. Project teams are under a lot of pressure to complete projects successfully in the shortest amount of time possible, so making mistakes is not an option.

But what happens if you find yourself in the predicament of your project being in danger of failing? More often than not, poor planning—particularly poor time management—causes projects to derail. The good news is that with proper time management, you can still turn things around and save your project—and learn from it to avoid letting things get of course again in future projects.

Step 1: Find the right time management method(s). There are many effective time management methods that you can implement. It’s important to find one, or a combination of several, that works for everyone on the team. You may think that it’s too late to introduce a new time management method when you’re already under so much pressure, but getting an overview and identifying which tasks …

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