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Get to DevOps from Dev vs. Ops

Will Kelly

Transitioning to DevOps means navigating through internal political and cultural issues that stand between developers and operations teams to find a way towards unification. From identifying pain points and enlisting sponsorship to starting small before you scale, here are seven steps to successfully implement DevOps in your organization.

The growing popularity of DevOps and the cultural changes it brings strikes at the heart of traditional conflicts between software development and operations teams. Getting to DevOps means stakeholders, project leaders and team members must all buy-in to end the “Dev versus Ops” fight that dogs many organizations.

Here are seven tips to make DevOps happen:

1. Identify existing pain points between development and operations teams

No move to DevOps should happen without first identifying the existing pain points between development and operations. A project manager or a neutral party (for example, a business analyst, trainer or technical writer) can interview team members about the pain points. Here are two ways to conduct the interviews:

  • Group interviews where you risk group dynamics drowning out valuable insights and opinions
  • One-on-one interviews where you speak to developers and system administrators without interference from their manager or the team know-it-all

You should share interview results with the …

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