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Project Workflow Framework: An Error-Free Project Management Environment

Dan Epstein combines over 25 years of experience in the project management field and best practices area, working for several major Canadian and U.S. corporations, as well as four years teaching university students project management and several software engineering subjects.

The project workflow framework is the result of the author’s research into the subject—having the following objectives:

1. Create the virtually error-free project management environment
2. Reduce demands for highly qualified project managers 

This article provides the overview and explanation of how the project workflow framework works and achieves the established objectives. The entire framework is contained in the source indicated in the reference section below. The project workflow framework offers the detailed, step-by-step, dynamically guided project process flow path controlled by execution logic, specific project requests, decision checkpoints, decision tables, acceptance criteria, and project health evaluation results. A project manager will no longer miss risk management process, ignore a project health evaluation, or skip on any essential project activities. This ensures execution of all the required project management processes when needed, creating a virtually error-free project management environment and building quality into end products.

As opposed to the waterfall method, the project workflow’s execution path will go forth and back between related groups of processes—called frames, as well as between individual processes within each frame. Using it, even the inexperienced project manager will be able to use …

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