The New Logical Framework: A Tool for an Effective Development Project Design

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Peter Pfeiffer is a sociologist, based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with more than 30 years of experience in international development. He has worked in universities as a teacher and researcher, and in international development projects and as a consultant in organizational development and project and program management. He received his Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification in 1999. He is currently a volunteer for the PMI Ethics Member Advisory Group.

Projects and programs that aim at fostering development have to go far beyond the delivery of goods and services. Since the concept of development implies transformation and changes in behavior of people, as well as organizations, the goods and services of development projects have to generate impact in the way people and organizations do their work. The main challenge of this type of project is that they occur in complex environments and the objectives that really matter are expected effects and, therefore, are not directly manageable. The Logical Framework Approach takes this into account and offers a matrix that summarizes the main elements of such a project. The present article demonstrates how the New Logical Framework goes a step further and creates a more explicit link between the project’s strategy and its operationalization and thus, helps to create a more consistent design of development projects and programs.

The Logical Framework tool has been around for over four decades, mainly in the context of international development and cooperation. Although it has suffered changes and experienced adaptations and variations, its basic structure remains useful for many organizations. There are many organizations and professionals that find it useful and apply it frequently, and there is also criticism of the supposed linear cause-effect …

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