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10 Resolutions to Help You and Your PMO in 2017

Robert (Bob) Bulger is the 2016 recipient of the Kerzner Award for Excellence in Project Management. He is currently writing in areas focusing on improving organizational success through innovative approaches to benefits realization, stakeholder engagement, and benefit mapping. His latest areas of interest embrace how agility factors into organizational project management and strategy.

’Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions. But instead of gym memberships and bucket lists, what about concentrating this year's resolutions on your PMO? Try my list on for size. It is designed to give you and your PMO a successful, prosperous and benefit realized 2017:

1. Take time to review every form in the PMO library. It's amazing how out of date the bedrock of our PMO can become. Update the files to the latest Microsoft Office version (.doc to .docx, etc.). Clean up logos (or add some) to make your forms look crisp and clean for the new year. It's astonishing how little time it takes to update and freshen up the paperwork that everyone uses and sees throughout the year.

2. Update the library copy of your project management plan (or project execution plan). While this takes a little more time to complete, you'll be pleased with the results. Re-read all of your boilerplate copy. Has anything been changed throughout the last year not reflected in the library copy? Projects will often proceed with updated boilerplate verbiage from HR, legal or finance, but the master copy or library copy doesn't receive the same updates. What about logos, typefaces and color schemes? It's wonderful how a little sprucing up of the project management plan shows your employees the importance you place on the plan.

3. Update your core boilerplate …

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