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Project Management’s Role in Strategic Implementation

Abeni is a Project Support Officer in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

Organizations have long acknowledged the role that strategic planning plays in future success. Notwithstanding, the exercise is futile unless these plans can be successfully implemented. Various tools and techniques have been developed to bridge the gap between planning and implementation; enter project management.

If projects are the engine of change, project management is the oil that lubricates; the project management office (PMO), the filter. This article will discuss the role project management can play in strategic implementation. It will also discuss the function of the PMO, particularly the enterprise-wide PMO within this context of strategic implementation using project management to drive the process.

A clear strategic plan is critical to the success of a business enterprise. In fact, strategic planning is one common tool used for transforming and revitalizing corporations (Pirtea, Nicolescu and Botoc 2009). The strategic plan provides focus and direction for both management and employees and ensures that the entire organization is aiming for the same goals.

As critical as strategic planning is, the process is counterproductive unless the organization can effectively implement the plans. As such, strategic execution is the essential complement of strategy formulation (The Economist Intelligence Unit 2013).

Within the world of …

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