Doing Less with More

Kenneth has 14 years of healthcare experience in government and private industry. Over eight years of experience managing healthcare IT projects, operations, contracts, and personnel. His work experience includes project management, contracts and procurements, data analysis, claims adjudication, business writing, and business process modeling. Kenneth was certified in 2006 as a Project Management Professional.

Complexity, overload, stressors, deadlines—all of these words can strike fear in the heart of the heartiest manager. All of these issues and complex problems will chip away at your time and resources until you have nothing left to give.

At the end of the day, you think you need to do more with less; after all, you are still trying to meet your stakeholder's expectations even when issues crop up and the complexity of the project is increasing exponentially. But doing more with less never works in the long run; perhaps you need to flip everything upside down and learn to do less with more.

More Data, More Everything
Big data is a phenomenon unique to the modern world. It is not simply that we have more capacity to store information, it is that the information coming in increases exponentially. In a retail store, you might be interested in the demographics of the people who buy items from your store—you can tailor your advertisement dollars to that demographic.

On the internet though, you do not just get the demographics of the people who buy things, you get the demographics of anyone who looked at your website and how long they looked at it—and the other websites they look at as well. With all of that information at your fingertips, the problem of using it is: How do you keep from getting overwhelmed?

Throw More at the Problems
The human …

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