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Integrating Offshore Centers and the Head Office (Part 2)

Vimal is the CEO of mCalibre Technologies in New Delhi, India.

This article is excerpted from the author’s book Leading and Motivating Global Teams: Integrating Offshore Centers and the Head Office published by CRC Press – USA (Taylor and Francis Group)

A large number of global companies outsource projects to distant countries, where many run offshore centers. They have augmented their project teams in a global head office (HO) with the offshore center teams. The projects are distributed across the offshore center and HO, with the managers in both leading their respective project teams.

Part 1 of this series targeted HO managers. It suggested techniques for them to play a more critical role in the company by taking up new and additional offshoring-related responsibilities in a project coordinator role (hence, the role, responsibilities and authority of HO managers aren’t diluted despite large/core projects being offshored). This article is targeted to offshore center managers. It suggests techniques for them to handle more responsibilities—and make bigger contributions to the company by winning and executing core projects that are complex and challenging.

HO management of some global companies may think that its offshore center teams are not capable and experienced enough to execute core, complex projects—so it offloads only simple projects (if the company is developing products, for example, it will …

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