Scrum Framework Team Roles and How Project Management Activities Are Distributed

PMI Southern New England Chapter

Based on the scrum framework, a scrum team is comprised of a product owner, scrum master, and development team. There is no project management role defined within this framework. The project management activities are distributed between these three roles. The team model in scrum is intended to maximize flexibility, creativity, and productivity and be as effective and efficient as possible. The team is self-organized so that they can choose the best way to accomplish their work within boundaries and based on rules, rather than be directed by others outside the team. This promotes accountability, commitment/buy-in, collaboration, and effective communication between its members. The balanced but distinct roles of scrum enable all team members to focus on their expertise. If a PMO exists in an organization that primarily uses scrum, its role is typically to manage programs and portfolios, rather than projects, and facilitate the application of techniques that complement scrum without blocking the self-organization of scrum teams. The PMO may also be involved with the coordination of activities between and across teams as well as helping in the facilitation of a transition to the scrum framework.

The purpose of this paper is to provide details on each role within the scrum framework and describe the project management activities defined within the Project Management …

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