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A Celebration of Code and Coders

Al Taylor is an independent IT contractor in Ontario, Canada.

IT application development projects can be challenging and stressful. The efforts of the successful team need to be recognized and celebrated. In this article, I make the case that there is an opportunity for greater celebration (in the context of both frequency and magnitude) of application code and the coders who write it.

Why? Because without code that compiles and executes, there would be no application to deploy. Full disclosure (in case you haven’t already guessed): I code, as well as lead and manage projects where I also code. This keeps me connected with the coders and facilitates a daily awareness of the challenges they face.

One way to reflect on the need to celebrate code and coders is to consider the differences between current and past (legacy) development environments. A major difference is the number of players that are required to build and deploy an application. Back in the mainframe/midrange days, a coder worked with a relatively small set of project stakeholders. They were empowered, had a broad enough skill set and were enough of a generalist to complete almost all development tasks.

Now, it seems to take many more resources to deliver the same value (this is perhaps a topic for a different discussion). The point is that today’s coder has to manage the expectations, address the concerns and process input from what seems like an army of …

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