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Miha started as a civil engineer in a nuclear utility working on the project of a new nuclear power plant built in Slovenia and continued as a project manager in a nuclear consulting company in Paris, where he worked on multi-million international projects implemented in Europe, Armenia, Vietnam, Mongolia and the Middle East. With over 8 years of international experience in project management and QA, he holds PMP and ECQA EU PM certifications. Miha specializes in tender drafting for SMEs applying to EU-funded projects and managing small R&D software projects.

Project management is all about communicating the right content to the right person at the right time. Can you really do all of this if you don’t know who that person, group or company really is—and where they are, what they think, require, assume and expect? Probably not—and certainly not on large projects, where you communicate mainly with external team members.

Start stakeholder management during the initiation phase. Talking to your project sponsor when drafting the project charter (and the preliminary project team members and departments defined in the charter) will give you some idea on who you will interact with during the project.

Who can break or make your project?
New project, new team, new company, new industry. How can you even know who will be a stakeholder at any given time during the project?

Identification and brainstorming about people, teams and companies is not a one-person effort. Even if you are just one PM in charge of the project, you have your team and colleagues external to the project that can shed some light onto who you will be dealing with.

The starting point is always the document of your authority: the project charter. See the people defined therein—they are already your first stakeholders. They are also your first source of more information about others involved in the project.

Research your company’s…

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