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Governance Around Projects: An Organizational Approach

PMI Venezuela Chapter

Lourdes Medina is a PMO/PPM consultant and coach in Latin-America. With more than 15 years of project and portfolio management experience, with an emphasis on both operational and consulting perspectives, she has worked in a large scope of industries including banking, insurance, retail, insurance, public sector and consumer products.

An efficient frame of governance helps to ensure the strategic alignment of the organization with corporate initiatives and their realization, providing adequate orientation, leadership, and supervision. Governance generally focuses on who makes the decisions (decision rights and the authority structure), how decisions are made (processes/procedures), and collaboration facilitators (trustworthiness, flexibility, and behavior control). The governance around projects is an organizational approach that establishes a decision-making framework at different levels and for all business units.

The purpose of establishing a governance framework in the project management environment is to ensure clarity on the decisions taken—and where, when, and on which criteria to be utilized. This article analyzes governance around projects with an organizational approach at the strategic level, at the tactical and portfolio level, and at the program and project level under the framework of the governance domains.

Governance is defined in the business environment as any type of coordination between individual actions and those of different groups exercising power and authority, so that when done, they carry out policies and make decisions both related to the project and to the corporate objectives.

PMI defines governance as one of the organizational enablers, to…

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