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Yes, You Do Need Those Stinking Org Charts!

Brian is a passionate ICT executive specializing in complex program management, organizational leadership and flawless execution.

Over my 25-plus years of experience in technical project and program management execution, I have learned a wealth of critical, highly effective insights and delivery business tips. They can help you or your PMO staff excel more often—and to a greater degree—in large-scale, complex project and program management endeavors.

My first program management excellence tip is to utilize program org charts. Yes, folks…create and maintain a governing program organization chart for your large-scale project and/or program. It sounds simple, but the effects and gains can be dramatic if it is applied correctly .

The key for you as program manager is to make the most efficient use of your time. Don’t allow days to slip by without having all the necessary staff in place to gain maximum traction. This is crucial, and I’ve seen many a program manager wake up to realize that their program was derailed because they had initially focused on the more mundane “low-hanging,” “low-ROI” tasks that were not absolutely time sensitive—and didn’t work on resolving the more difficult staffing discussions with appropriate line management.

As with all projects or programs, it’s paramount to clearly know the critical path and to shorten (or de-risk) it as much as possible to avoid slipping any target delivery dates. In order …

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