Corporate Burnout: 5 Strategies for Creating Change

Dr. Kate Price is an executive coach and business consultant with a doctorate in clinical psychology. She has 20 years of experience working with individuals, groups and organizations enabling them to overcome difficulties and develop skills in life and leadership.

You are in your office. It’s 7 p.m. and you are getting ready to leave, already running late for dinner with your family. The CEO pokes his head through the door to let you know he has arranged an early meeting before work tomorrow morning to discuss how to move the company forward. He hands you a file to look through tonight so you can come prepared to the meeting.

You sit back down at your desk, worn out and frustrated. Last week, he rejected your idea for an innovative project that would save man hours and increase productivity. Constantly talking about being innovative and increasing market share, he is unwilling to adapt or to engage the employees in supporting change. Unlike in the newer tech companies who have a focus on work/life balance and corporate culture, you feel stifled, ignored and burnt out.  

Typically, corporate culture—whether in healthcare, engineering, technology or finance—is stifling and unwilling to change. Those who enter it with dreams of success and bringing new ideas and innovations to play are often quickly consumed by the culture as it exists. Innovation is lost. People become subsumed into the role of “corporate employee,” following set scripts. In the process, they lose their voice and much of what they hoped to achieve. Frustration often follows. Those who try to innovate or act differently often find …

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